The ECOMI Public Sale Has Arrived!

Here’s Everything You Need to Participate

It’s official! The ECOMI public sale has been announced, and we are absolutely delighted to share the news with you! 
As you may have gathered from the image above, the ECOMI public token sale is being offered as an initial exchange offering (IEO) in partnership with BitForex. Keep reading to get all the info you need to participate because it’s just around the corner!

What is an IEO?

An initial exchange offering is a way for projects to mitigate some risk, by ensuring correct KYC procedures, maximizing security and scalability, and ensuring timely and easily managed distribution of tokens.

The partnership with BitForex was specifically chosen to maintain our token sale terms, and ensure:

  • Distribution and liquidity in a timely manner
  • A fair point of entry for all investors
  • No lockups, fees, or acquisition of tokens by the exchange itself

The ECOMI IEO Details

Here is the key information you need, and we’ll expand on a few things further down.

Date and Time- 2019/5/12 21:00–2019/5/14 21:00 (GMT+8)

The sale opens May 12th, 21:00 (GMT+8). 
It will conclude May 14th at 21:00 (GMT + 8) unless sold our prior

Total allotment and min/max purchase

A total of 100 Bitcoin worth of OMI tokens will be available in the sale. 
Minimum purchase= .02 BTC
Maximum purchase= .5 BTC

Token Details

Ticker: OMI
Price: 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC)
Token Type: Utility (more info here). 
Blockchain: ECOMI Collect runs on the GoChain network, and the OMI token is offered as a GO20 token.

The OMI token is only paired with Bitcoin, and as such you must use BTC to purchase your tokens.

How Do I Create an Account?

To participate in the ECOMI IEO, you must have an account and complete KYC with BitForex. Follow these steps to create your account:

  1. Head to and hit sign up.
  2. Enter your email and create a password. You will then be prompted to enter a verification code, which will be sent to the email you entered. Please note you have a limited time to enter this code.
  3. Hit ‘Token Deposit’ and you can begin using your account immediately. 
    If you have never used an exchange before, and need help depositing your Bitcoin, please see this list of instructions compiled by BitForex.
  4. We strongly recommend adding 2FA security measures, which can be accessed in your security settings.
  5. Complete KYC.
    1. To do this, start by accessing your account settings, indicated by the red arrow in the image below. 
    2. Then click ‘identity authentication’ from the drop-down or the menu bar on the left-hand side of the page. Click ‘authentication’ as indicated in the red circle below.
    3. You will then be required to enter your personal details and upload acceptable verification documents. This is required by all accounts wishing to make withdrawals, and as it may take 48 hours to complete it is imperative that you submit these documents as soon as possible.

Once you have completed KYC you are ready to go! Just be sure to double check your timezone to make sure you don’t miss the start of the sale. Again, it is taking place May 12th, 21:00 (GMT+8).

How Do I Participate?

When the token sale opens, you have a couple of options to take you through to the sale page (these have come directly from BitForex). First and foremost, log into your account. Then:

1.Open the trading view window, and search for ‘OMI.’ As it says in the image below, you will be able to see the trading pair (in this case OMI/BTC) and purchase your tokens there.

2. If the trading view isn’t comfortable for you, you can click the ECOMI header image (shown below) from the BitForex homepage. This will take you to an info page about the company and run you through the pitch deck.

Once you have clicked the header image, the screen you are presented with has a ‘buy OMI’ button in the footer bar (the bottom right of the page). Clicking the button now will give you subscription information, however, when the sale is open will allow you to find the OMI token sale and purchase your tokens.


Unfortunately, due to international law, not all citizens can participate in the ECOMI IEO.

Users from the United States of America, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, People’s Republic of China, Singapore, or resident of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba are not allowed to participate the OMI token sale.

***PLEASE REMEMBER: private keys are for your eyes only! Do not send it to us, do not let anybody see it, and know that we will never ask for it! ***


ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, protect and collect premium licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger Technology.

With user-friendly products and applications, ECOMI delivers the freedom to secure and control your digital assets, collectibles, and cryptocurrencies from one user-friendly interface.

For more information please see the ECOMI Collect Whitepaper or join the community on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.