The Next Steps For OMI | Token Development Update

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2 min readJan 25, 2024


Hey ECOMI fam! 🙌

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a brief update on OMI.

OMI and its utility is one of the key business priorities for 2024. In no particular order and by no means a definitive list, here is what we are working on;

  • Improving accessibility of the token is a priority. The goal is to have quick and easy ways for users to acquire and utilize the OMI token.
  • We are progressing plans around OMI to NFT. This is a high priority focus for us and we are currently working through details of a confidential partnership. More details will be revealed at a later date. This does mean previous forms of crypto pay in/pay out tested by VeVe is no longer on the roadmap. We are excited about announcing more when we can. Watch this space.
  • In case you missed it, OMI Rewards Season 1 started on the 1 January 2024, where Bronze MCP Tickets can be earned for those who deposited OMI tokens into their OMI web wallet before the start of the season. More details at
  • OMI Rewards Season 2 starts on 1 April 2024 and as such; rewards, perks and bonuses will be progressively released. Stay tuned.

We want to take this opportunity to thank OMI token holders and appreciate all the feedback provided to date. Whilst we work on OMI utility and accessibility, our approach will be to communicate the details to the community only when details and plans are confirmed. This is in order to avoid over speculation and disappointment with delays, as doing so benefits no one.

We look forward to sharing updates with you soon. Stay up to date via our blog, X and discord.

The ECOMI team

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ECOMI is the issuer of the OMI token. The OMI token is intended for use in the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem. With over 8 million digital collectible NFTs sold since the beginning of 2021 and a range of international brands, artists, and IP partners releasing content through the platform, VeVe is the world’s leading digital collectible platform.

The OMI token is intended to amplify the collecting experience and, when available, will provide VeVe collectors with a range of unique ways to build and expand their digital collections.

For more information on the utility features available and being worked on, please visit, follow our socials for the most recent updates, and subscribe to the blog to get updates delivered to your inbox. 📩