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The OMI Utility Program

The OMI Utility Program (OUP) introduces a range of new uses for the OMI token within the VeVe digital collectibles platform while offering perks and benefits to token holders for staking and/or using their tokens. These utility plans and product roadmap are now available to view inside the OMI Token Portal, which is a new resource designed to bring all OMI-related information into one place.

The OMI Token Portal

The OMI Token Portal is designed to give you all of the current details and information about the OMI token, and teach you how/where you can use them. Our goal is to provide you with the present, and most relevant information concerning OMI so that you can enjoy a range of fun and exciting applications, and rest easy knowing how to buy and store your tokens safely. This includes:

  • All of the basic token information, metrics, and details
  • Buying and safely storing OMI
  • How and where you can use your tokens in VeVe (OMI Utility Program)
  • How to Bridge OMI tokens to Layer 2 (VeVe)
  • Development plans and roadmap
  • Community directories
  • How and where you can use OMI across a range of third-party applications, games, and NFT marketplaces.

When you visit the portal for the first time you will see two key sections.

OMI 101

The OMI 101 section is your doorway to the OMI token, and it is designed to introduce OMI and bring any/all token-related information into one single location.

Here, you will find all of the basic and relevant token information, such as supply and distribution metrics, technical details and smart contract address, OMI’s role within VeVe, supporting exchanges and wallets, third-party platforms, and just about everything in between.

We strongly encourage you to read and progress through each of the topics to learn more about the token and use it as your point of reference for the OMI token moving forward. We will continue to update the OMI 101 section as new information becomes available.

The OMI Utility Program (OUP)

The OMI Utility Program is the second section you will see in the OMI Token Portal. This details all of the planned utilities for the OMI token inside the VeVe app, as well as how they all tie into the Collectors staking tier.

These systems are designed to:

  • Add a fun (and light) layer of gamification for OMI holders
  • Provide new ways to interact with VeVe to collect premium licensed digital collectible NFTs from some of the world’s biggest brands
  • Permanently deflate the circulating and non-circulating supply of OMI tokens over time.

We recommend that you progress through the OUP in order to understand the proposed feature set and to see how it all ties into your staking tier (when that feature is live).

There are also feedback forms scattered throughout the portal which we hope you will take the time to complete. This will assist us in creating a resource that is approachable and easy to understand for the average user, refining the current utility plans, and collecting new ideas for future token utilities.

Access the OMI Token Portal here!

Things to Note

  1. It is important to note that the OMI Token Portal, and the OMI Utility Program, will be updated regularly based on community feedback, ecosystem developments, and new information. You can see the last time the portal was updated on the home page, as well as when some individual pages were updated, depending on the content they contain.
  2. ALL numbers and details are subject to change. The OUP is a collaborative effort, and we want to ensure that OMI token holders feel included, whilst maintaining a balanced and effective system of token utility, token velocity, and token mechanics.
    Whilst we do not expect to drastically change anything, it is likely that the system will need to be tweaked and balanced when it is actually live, to ensure that the features and rewards incentivize participation. We are looking forward to collecting your feedback and will keep you informed through the portal if/when anything is updated.
  3. We will continue to add content and information to the OMI 101 section as new updates become available (such as exchanges and new community initiatives) and endeavor to break this content down into more understandable/digestible chunks of information, as necessary.


Information on this channel is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice and all users are advised to do their own research. See disclaimer.

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