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Weekly Wrap Up- September 12

Multiple-drop weeks have arrived, the AR comic reader is live, Altcoin Daily names OMI as their #1 pick and we open up the community spotlight for any clips you may have missed.

Digital Comics in Augmented Reality

Digital comic NFTs have been available on VeVe for almost one month, and the entire experience was recently upgraded as the AR comic reader went live. With this new update, you can now read your VeVe digital comics in the ‘real world’ using augmented reality, adding a new dimension to your digital comic experience!

This is the first iteration of the AR reader capabilities, and the development team is currently working on a ‘tilt’ feature that will enable you to read your favorite comics vertically in AR. We’ll update you on its progress in the coming weeks. For more information on the AR comic reader, and how to enable it, check out the VeVe update article.

VeVe Drops

Digital comic drops have become a regular feature on VeVe, with What IF and the FIRST issue of Hulk: Future Imperfect! released in the first week of the month. We have also seen the first-ever Star Trek NFT releases on the platform, with the first appearance of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and the infamous starship Borg Cube.

Talk’n Shop with the CEO

The ECOMI/VeVE CEO, David Yu, recently joined the Talkin’ Shop podcast and stream to discuss the world of NFTs, their intersection with e-commerce, and the future of digital marketing and merchandising.

OMI Awareness on the Rise

With almost 1 million subscribers, Altcoin Daily is one of the largest Alt-coin dominant YouTube channels and recently spoke about the OMI token, naming it their #1 pick of the month.

If you haven’t seen it yet you can catch it below, and be sure to show your support by liking, leaving a comment, and subscribing if you enjoy their content ⭕️

Community Spotlight

Taps has been one of the biggest supporters of the ECOMI Fam, actively creating content and engaging with the community to bring you up-to-date information and views on our ecosystem.

More recently Taps has been doing his own outreach, helping to spread awareness of ECOMI and VeVe, and we would like to extend our congratulations on his recent interview with Tom Bilyeu discussing the NFT industry at large, and VeVe’s place within it.

“Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom was named one of Success Magazine’s Top 25 Influential People in 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage in 2016.”


If you don’t already follow their channels, or their socials please show them both some support from the ECOMI Fam!

Women X VeVe

We have recently welcomed a new stream to the community- the Women X VeVe! This is a great way to meet some of the female creators in the fam, and you can stay up to date with their stream by following the Women X VeVe Twitter profile.

Rhys joined the most recent stream over the weekend, and Alex is up next weekend so be sure to keep an eye out for the details!

In Case You Missed it

August was an absolutely monster month, with the first officially licensed Marvel NFT releases, a new exchange listing, blind boxes, digital comics, and more. We wrapped up the month in the article below, including which features are currently in development.

We are also happy to report that more than 13 billion OMI tokens are now permanently out of circulation! You can track the token burns here, and please subscribe to the blog to stay up to date with our latest news and announcements.

Information on this channel is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice and all users are advised to do their own research. See disclaimer.


ECOMI is a technology company based in Singapore and is leading the way in the emerging digital collectibles space. ECOMI offers a one-stop-shop for digital collectibles through the VeVe app bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

The VeVe app allows users to experience true ownership of premium digital collectibles. Through the app marketplace, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the social network service, and exchange them with the VeVe community, all from the palm of their hand.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a new asset class that offers intellectual property owners the opportunity for new revenue streams in the digital landscape. Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market, and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

Or, for more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.



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