What is Walmart Integration?

walmart integration

In 2022, marketplaces will play an increasingly critical role in commerce. Online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart enable users to quickly find their favorite products and buy them with just a few easy clicks. Most people start and end their search on marketplaces. Hence, it becomes imperative for eCommerce store owners to focus on optimizing their listings on these platforms and streamline the buying process.

To stay competitive and provide the best service to their customers, SaaS app providers must be able to automate different tasks and extract the information related to customers, orders, and products. Integrating with various marketplaces can dramatically boost your business opportunities no matter what type of industry you’re in — whether shipping management, marketing automation, order & inventory software provider, or any other type of SaaS provider.

Integration with Marketplaces

To automate processes and simplify tasks, eCommerce store owners are looking to work with professional SaaS providers. In simpler terms, they are looking for you to automate their functions and operations. However, to do that, you need to offer high-end integration with various marketplaces and shopping platforms.

eCommerce integration is the process by which developers can connect their B2B eCommerce software services and applications with marketplaces and shopping platforms to provide better services to their clients who are online sellers.

Retailers who sell on multiple platforms have to overcome specific challenges, such as updating listings automatically, processing orders from several sources, managing stock levels, and automating other manual tasks.

This is where you come in. As a provider of eCommerce B2B software, you can create the integration with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. It will help you to expand your customer database, allow you to innovate & adapt new functionalities, and will ultimately skyrocket your profits.

Without the development of a reliable and well-functioned integration with multiple marketplaces, your software won’t be able to help e-retailers who sell their product via those marketplaces to automate their business processes correctly. The data stored on marketplaces are highly important for performing your software functionality. It can be retrieved and managed only if the integration between your software and marketplaces is settled and regularly updated.

Walmart Marketplace

As a professional eCommerce B2B software provider, you can develop the integration with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. It will help you to help your clients who use these marketplaces to streamline and automate their activity. In turn, this will expand your customer database, allows you to innovate & adapt new functionalities, and will ultimately skyrocket your profits.

In 2022, Walmart will remain the trendiest of all marketplaces with sales of over $514 billion worldwide and thousands of stores opened. The brand has been a top seller since 1960.

Walmart is investing heavily in digital and is expected to overtake Amazon as the largest online retailer in the US. The company’s growth has inspired many entrepreneurs to list their products on Walmart’s website.

Walmart integration offers the ability to reach out to all potential clients, automatically providing them with your software functionality. We will delve into what Walmart integration actually is, below.

Walmart is a growing online marketplace in the US and Canada and is popular among sellers from all across the US and Canada. The total number of Walmart stores is nearly 140,000.

Walmart integration is vital for any SaaS app provider that wants to attain success in the eCommerce software market. The integration process involves connecting your app with the Walmart marketplace, so that all relevant Walmart store customer, product, category, and price data can be retrieved quickly and automatically in one go.

Walmart integration will enable you to provide your clients with the ability to update orders, count the orders, get information on each order, get product details and get all store information. Doing this will open up your business to a new market and enhance your client service.

Top Benefits of Integration with Walmart

The opportunities available through Walmart integration are numerous. We will examine each of them in detail.

Walmart made over $14 billion in sales last year, a surge of more than three times of previous years. The company is growing exponentially, and it’s poised to take over Amazon and become the top-selling marketplace in the US. With thousands of sellers, Walmart prides itself on exponential growth. By integrating your SaaS solution with this marketplace, you’ll be able to tap into a huge market that can dramatically boost your revenue.

By integrating your solution with Walmart, you can continue to innovate and propose new functionalities to your clients. By helping them, you ensure that your growth will be assured and you can provide superior services than what your competition is able to propose.

Walmart operates worldwide. Integrating your software with this marketplace will enable you to expand your market share several times over.

How to Connect to the Walmart API?

Integrating your solution with Walmart is a tedious process that takes a whole lot of time. Numerous obstacles can get in the way of a successful integration project. In addition to taking over a few weeks, you also need to hire an experienced developer that knows how Walmart API works.

The good news is that you don’t have to get through all of the above to connect to the Walmart API. You can easily connect to Walmart using API2Cart’s unified API.

API2Cart API allows you to integrate with Walmart without any obstacles or challenges. You can also use the service to seamlessly integrate your SaaS solution with 40 other marketplaces and shopping platforms.

API2Cart provides a wide range of API methods for working with products and orders from Walmart’s stores. For example, product.info and order.info methods give you access to all the needed data on products and orders from Walmart. Using API2Cart API methods, your software can import orders, sync inventory levels, and update products on Walmart easily.

API2Cart offers flexible pricing, and you can test the service for 30 days. After that, you can choose whether it’s right for you. To learn more about API2Cart unified API, contact their managers, and one of them will answer any questions that you might have.

Also, you can download a FREE guide that includes detailed and useful info about the Walmart integration development.



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