The Bill is dead, in coma, sleeping… Whatever. This is not the remedy Hong Kong needs

Jul 9 · 2 min read

As far as I can tell, all Carrie Lam does is addressing to Foreign Media, but not HKers

“The Bill is dead,” said in English, is directly talking to foreigners who don’t have a good grip of the predicaments facing HKers and trying to paint a illusion that she, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has done the things HK protesters wanted.

The problem is that, her “works” on pushing forward the extradition bill had costed HKers a lot of blood and sweat. She can’t just say "all things a back to status quo now, move along!” and considered all things are settled, fair and square.

She, also the whole HK government, has to remedy the pain and suffer she costed all protestors in the last month.

Investigate the police for inappropriate use of force, at the very least!

Right now, nonetheless, all she did is just pretending to have done something by doing nothing!

She has caused harm to the public welfare of HKers, merely withdrawing the evil act is not a remedy!

Remember, a failure in causing harm doesn’t equal to doing good — a failed criminal who acknowledges the failure is not the definition of good people, afterall.

Thinking Out LOUD



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Thinking Out LOUD


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