CASH Conference: exploring basic income in a changing economy

The Economic Security Project invites you to our first ever CASH Conference this fall in San Francisco. We will meet at the historic Old Mint, a building that once housed a third of our nation’s wealth, to reimagine what an economy built on the well-being of everyone could look like. We want to redefine what ‘work’ means and explore how a basic income could provide economic stability to Americans and fundamentally change society. We’ll talk to experts about the evidence for unconditional cash, examine why a basic income may be our best shot at alleviating poverty, surface the history of a guaranteed income in the fight for civil rights, and look at the kind of societal shifts automation could bring. We are bringing together artists, academics, activists and curious newcomers for a day of challenging conversations as we forge ahead towards a more secure future, and we want you there.

Can’t get the day off of work for the conference? Join us after 6:00pm for an evening of cocktails in the vaults, art activations from the Museum of Capitalism, and soon to be announced guests you won’t want to miss!

This event is free and you can register here.

Thursday, October 19th
The San Francisco Mint, 88 5th Street, San Francisco

*event is free with registration and entrance is first come, first serve
*venue is wheelchair accesible; please contact us with any accessibility concerns

The Economic Security Project challenges the status quo by catalyzing ideas that build economic power for all Americans.

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cara rose defabio

cara rose defabio

writer. performer. culture craving emoji poet.

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