How to Submit Your Piece to the Economic Security Project

Here’s how to submit your writing on guaranteed income, economic opportunity, and economic inequality

The Economic Security Project invites those passionate and informed to contribute pieces to our Medium Publication. We encourage diverse viewpoints and first-person narratives, and (informed) positions. All publications meeting guidelines are welcome.

We are generally not looking for listicles, snark, and pieces seeking to provoke just for clicks. Rather, we want interesting ideas, opinions, proposals, debates, and information.

How to submit

  1. Fill out this application form to for a chance to be a writer for our publication and so that we know a little bit about you!
  2. Write your piece on Medium.
  3. Instead of publishing it, go to the three-dotted icon and click on Add to Publication

4. Select Economic Security Project.

Yes, it is this easy!

5. Wait. You’ll get word on whether or not your publication has been selected for publication in a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my piece be?

Pieces can be of any length, but 500–800 words are preferred.

Should I attach a photo to my submission?

Photos are preferred, but if you do not provide one, we will place one to the top of your article for you.

Can I submit a piece that I’ve already published?

We’re most interested in unpublished pieces, but are committed to curating interesting perspectives on our issue (whether they’re already out in the world or not). If your piece was published elsewhere, all we ask is that the cross-publishing be cleared with the piece’s original publisher and an attribution be at the bottom of the article.

Does my piece have to be about basic income?

Part of the reason a basic, or guaranteed, income is so interesting to a wide range of individuals and communities is because it touches on our deeply-held values, the current and future realities of the economy, and critical questions about how we structure society. With that in mind, we are open to a range of perspectives that connect back to unconditional cash and economic opportunity.