Latest ABC figures show The Economist’s commitment to profitable circulation as revenue increased 25% year on year

Latest figures make The Economist the best-selling news and current affairs magazine in the UK (Ex-Ireland).

Press Release

London (UK) — With today’s release of the ABC January to June 2017 certificates, The Economist showed continued growth in digital sales, strong worldwide circulation, and an acceleration in circulation profitability.

The combined digital and print circulation for the UK (ex-Ireland) make The Economist the best-selling current affairs magazine in the UK, surpassing local competitors, The Spectator, New Statesman and Private Eye.

Global highlights include:

Circulation revenue increased 21% and profits by 52% yoy according to The Economist Group 2017 Annual Report

Profitable circulation (actively purchased) has increased 5% over the previous six-month period

Worldwide digital subscriptions are up 23.7% yoy

Worldwide (print + digital) circulation remains strong at 1,444,936 despite a 20% price rise and removal of 40K unprofitable verified copies

Actively purchased rate grew to 89.9%

Print:digital split is now 72:28 up from 78:22 yoy

Social audiences grew 32.5% yoy

UK highlights include:

UK edition ex-Ireland (print and digital) circulation grew 5.3% over last six months and 5% yoy

Digital circulation is up 7.4% over last six months and 12.7% yoy

Actively purchased rate in the UK remains strong at 95.2%

North America highlights include:

Combined print and digital circulation is at 823,978, essentially flat yoy despite removing 40K unprofitable copies (bulks) from the marketplace

Digital circulation is up 46.3% yoy

Actively purchased rate in NAM has climbed to 86.9% (from 78% yoy)

Profitable circulation in NAM is up 7.9% yoy

The Rate Base in the US is 540K (AAM rules only)

Europe highlights include:

Overall circulation in Europe (includes Ireland) is up 1% from previous 6-month period to 194,543

Digital circulation is up 10.9% from the previous 6-month period

In France:

Circulation is flat (+0.8%) from the previous 6-month period at 26,259.

Digital subscriptions are up 17.8% over the previous 6-month period

In Germany:

Circulation is at 28,129 up 1.9% over the previous 6-month period

Digital subscriptions have increased 5.7% over the previous 6-month period

“Our commitment to circulation profitability continues to succeed as we have doubled profitability over the past two years, making our circulation business become the largest contributor of profits to The Economist Group for the first time in our 174 year history. We continue to invest across the many digital and offline marketing channels available to us, while introducing new marketing technologies designed to help us optimise our acquisition and conversion activities,” said Michael Brunt, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of circulation at The Economist. “With demand for our high-quality journalism undiminished, a growing target audience and ever-more efficient marketing, we are confident our plans will continue to succeed.”

The Economist’s latest Worldwide Brand Report and audit certificates for all regions are available for download at

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