No More Economic Mansplaining!

Before I heard about the President’s testing positive for COVID, I was longing to smell how delicious food can be when cooked by someone else. Will there ever come a time when we can pass a crowded restaurant to hear the din of dishes and a roomful of laughter and talk?

Yes, I am privileged, dreaming of dining out: I’ve a roof over my head and an income, while eleven million Americans are out of work! Now more, with the airlines. Are you one of them? Perhaps you were waitstaff, or are homeschooling, a part of the She-cession.

This pandemic, this election year’s debates, have highlighted how unequal “normal” is. Let’s never go back to it. Money, or women’s peanuts is, as usual, the nation’s elephant in the room.

The time is NOW to build an economy of our own.

More than 200,000 Americans have died unnecessarily. If you’ve lost someone dear, please accept my deepest condolences. If you’re Black or Brown, please accept my promise to advocate anti-racism side by side with you.

Like most Americans, I’m uncertain and scared. Autoimmune diseases run in my at-risk family. A granddaughter’s off to college — will she be safe? My son is newly disabled, applying for help, a kind of job that pays mostly in grief. My older daughter’s family tried to escape unbreathable California air and sent pictures of skies glowing orange, far north, a new fire. We need each other more than ever now with so much uncertain.

Come dream with us at — together, we can create a new economic future that serves all of us.



AEOO is an alliance that believes today’s woman also needs an economy of her own — one valuing our diversity, waged for our lives, and driven by women’s ideas and leadership. Follow us on Medium for resources, updates and thought-provoking articles.

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An Economy of Our Own Alliance

Virginia Woolf said a woman needs a room of her own. We think women need an economy of their own, too.