Together, We Can Create an Economy of Our Own!

Most women today have grown up expecting to work all their lives, while still managing childcare and our homes. Women’s income is crucial to keeping most families afloat. But I’ll bet you’ve noticed the more powerful the money-stakes on Wall Street or in Washington — or maybe at the place where you work — the less likely some big-hearted woman will be in charge.

This Giving Tuesday, please support our work at An Economy of Our Own. We’re broadening economics. For us it’s not just about numbers and the Dow. It’s fiscal language at war with our livelihoods. It’s our economic purpose joined with artful spirits! With you behind us, we can create more widespread demand for clarity, engendered by women’s collaboration.

We’ve been told by those in charge we cannot afford what we say our families need — healthcare, childcare, livable wages, healthy food and a healthy environment. But you know what’s truer: we can’t afford more of what threatens our survival. That’s why An Economy of Our Own is bringing you on-the-ground solutions, digging a new economic ecology to widen prosperity for all genders and races, especially those most exploited now.

Check out our purpose and advisory board, our blog at Medium, articles at Ms. Magazine, and two videos of AEOO’s first events. Learn more about the eight amazing and very different women we brought together for thinking with us about Shared Economies and The Invisible Woman.

We’re only just beginning! And now, we’re asking you to help us raise $36,000 by the end of the year to sustain and expand our work in 2021—and beyond!

With your help, here’s more change you can count on in 2021:

  • AEOO will continue bi-monthly learning conversations with toolkits that participants called “inspiring” and “fun.” We’re planning webinars about The Spirit of Money; Local Food and Global Climate; Entrepreneurship and Debt; A Feminist Future for All, and Realer Investing Returns.
  • To create these, AEOO will bring you activist leaders of all colors and races, genders and ages, bridging differences to create shared language and a widened common ground and community. Help us continue to surprise you with women’s bold ideas.
  • We’re proud of our launch events but need to respond to a quickly growing audience. Hundreds of women and men, from Vermont to Hawaii, from Canada, the UK and Spain, took part. But building a coalition takes dedicated research and relationship-building; unless we pay our digital wonks fairly for their focus and time, we’re part of the problem.
  • We plan to organize connections between passionate activists at the local level with expert guidance from our allies, for on-the-ground results.
  • We’ll begin to develop self-directed online courses on important economic subjects and books, made understandable and served up in practical bites.
  • We’ll give voice to a feminist coalition-backed economic policy agenda. Find 2021 plans here.

A year-end tax-deductible donation by just half our friends, a monthly donation by just a few, will make all the difference. If you haven’t the bandwidth for giving right now, you’re not alone — there’s a reason they’re calling this a She-cession! But you’re still part of our community, as are the men who love and respect us. Share AEOO with your friends. You and your hopes are exactly our reason for being!




AEOO is an alliance that believes today’s woman also needs an economy of her own — one valuing our diversity, waged for our lives, and driven by women’s ideas and leadership. Follow us on Medium for resources, updates and thought-provoking articles.

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An Economy of Our Own Alliance

An Economy of Our Own Alliance

Virginia Woolf said a woman needs a room of her own. We think women need an economy of their own, too.

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