Youth Development

In a world where the economy consecutively experiences recessions, individuals often face the trouble of unemployment or informal employment. In this blog, I will write about the sustainability goal regarding decent work and economic growth. As there is a variety of topics where the world may start taking action upon, here we will focus on an idea that explains how investing early in youth training, employment, or education is essential when it comes to sustaining economic growth and increasing the availability of decent work.

Many individuals have never or barely received the opportunity to obtain certain skills and knowledge early on in their lives; those skills and knowledge are the main aspects that will make them prominent in a workforce environment. Due to that reason, a substantial number of them often get rejected to their applied job(s), dismissed from their original occupation, or settled for jobs that are not considered “decent.” By understanding the importance of youth training, employment, or education, one will get informed and take note of such a solution. Through the research of this topic, the government may see the benefit(s) in building more schools, creating more youth training programs/facilities, and opening more positions for youth employment. Every youth should acquire this chance, regardless of their income level or any other status that may hinder them from joining in such a change. This purpose is to eliminate the unbalanced treatments and economic gap between individuals within developed and developing nations.

I hold a significant interest in this goal and topic since I am currently a student who fits the youth age range. As someone who will enter the workforce not too long from now, I also often worry about the struggle to find decent work. Many youths have not undergone the proper preparation before they set foot into the work industry; they lack the ability to compete and survive in the real world. They are the future of our society, so it is vital to train, educate, or employ them to fulfill the labor market demands.

Through these findings, I hope it may help spread awareness on the importance of this topic and, with luck, help those who cannot receive such valuable opportunities due to economic or personal reasons. This is a blog dedicated to improving their current financial conditions and prospers the economy as a whole. With previous studies, we may see that the pandemic has caused an all-time low in the global economy. Billions of people are suffering through poverty; a high amount of their lives got disrupted as jobs declined. With this high rate of unemployment and the disturbance of economic growth, youth is in greater danger of not getting engaged in employment.

This research let me ponder upon some questions:

  1. Were there any programs/facilities/organizations that already exist in assisting youth in training, education, or employment? Was it effective in improving economic growth and increasing decent work?
  2. What are some statistics of youth not receiving training, education, or employment? What obstructs them from receiving it?
  3. Will the government intervene with such an idea? What reason(s) stopped the government from widely enforcing such an idea nationwide?

The questions listed above are helpful insights that allow us to reflect on why the economy is not making massive progress yet, how serious this issue is now, and what should get done instead. With those in mind, I hope this research encourages our nation to start early in youth development. There are so many potentials that we may unlock from them.



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