Upcoming features

Most people ask us: What is planned at ecore for the next months? 
We will try to answer this question without going into full details ;-)

1. New module: Invoicing + Inventory

The payment- and invoicing system for ecore business will become the next big thing, allowing companies and associations in the esports sector to send invoices from various individual templates on time to sponsors and partners.

In addition, we built an inventory management, which makes it possible to maintain a virtual cash register with incoming and outgoing payments (sponsorships or player expenses), as well as incoming or outgoing products such as hardware sponsorships to players and streamers managed and viewed at a later date.

ETA: August 2018

2. Integration of special benefits

Not only with ecore itself, also with selected partner offers, we would like to promote the professionalization in the Esports in the future. With 1337camp there will be the possibility to have discounted bootcamps at the highest level with up to four teams at the same time and EsportBiz will provide services such as customized player contracts, legal-consulting and business coachings.

ETA: August/September 2018

3. Rework of task module

Currently our tasks module is a light version of what it could be in the future. To go more into depth regarding projects management we will rework this module to have more functions with a better usability.

ETA: October/November 2018

4. Bugfixes

In the meantime we will crush some bugs that we got from your feedback via twitter, facebook or discord!

5. Preparing for XMas ;-)