CER-160TR rocket during canister exit

Mission 11 — Artillery Target Rocket Test

Dumitru Popescu
Commercial ECOROCKET
2 min readNov 11, 2023


ARCA and General Astronautics executed a test with the CER-160TR (160mm caliber), canister-based artillery target rocket, currently under military homologation for two European military forces. Video here: https://youtu.be/E_EIROQAm24

ARCA and General Astronautics are currently developing a series of military application products consisting of non-offensive target vehicles, designed for the training of anti-artillery rockets, anti-aircraft, anti-cruise missiles and anti-ballistic forces.

The CER-160TR rocket, with a sale price of €19,900 is exhibiting a flight altitude of 20 km and a speed of Mach 1.9, while using ecological propulsion, with its engine generating a mix of steam and oxygen.

CER-160TR during canister test at the COSMOBASE

Mission 11 test took place on November 9, 2023 from the COSMOBASE with the objective to validate the launch procedure and the launch sequence involving the canister and the actual vehicle. The vehicle was fuelled with only 8% from its total propellant tank capacity and the engine was throttled-down to keep the same thrust to weight ratio as in the case of a fully fuelled rocket, in order to only perform the canister exit sequence.

The test team executed the preparations accordingly to the procedure and the vehicle exited the canister as desired.

The CER-160TR can effectively simulate the flight of artillery rockets like the M270 MLRS, M142 HIMARS, BM-27 Uragan, Tornado-G, TOS-1A, LAROM 160, Pinaka, T-122 Sakarya, etc, that can be engaged with systems like the Iron Dome, MANTIS, LPWS, LD-2000.

CER-160, Mission 11 test

Also, the CER-160TR equipped with passive radar augmentation device, can simulate the radar signature of supersonic attack aircraft allowing the training of forces that are operating anti-aircraft hardware.

CER-160, a similar civilian rocket version is available for sale to civilian users, like universities, research centres and even private individuals at the same price of €19,900.

Mission 11 test constituted the final rehearsal for the upcoming Mission 15 space launch that will be performed from outside of Romanian airspace.

More details about the CER-160 commercial rocket, here: www.ecorocket.space