Blockchain experts — where do they get their knowledge?

Blockchain is great. We wholeheartedly believe it because this technology has already proven its worth in use. However, today we have asked ourselves a quite serious question: are there blockchain experts in Russia and the world at large? And if there are, where do they get their knowledge? Here is what we found out.

Nowadays financial institutions, international banks, consulting firms, tech start-ups are all looking for blockchain experts. In fact, the expert candidate must have actual expertise that can be applied rather than superficial knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Foreign universities are already working on developing entire special educational programs, while Russia and CIS countries have also seen specialized lecture courses. Thus Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has developed a course titled Blockchain 2.0 designed to provide academic training to the fresh blood in the industry while Higher School of Economics offers professional development programs under the computer sciences faculty such as Creating projects on popular blockchain platforms and Implementing blockchain in companies. HSE and MSU universities have also announced additional workshops, scientific interest and research in this field.

Armenia has also taken the direction of developing digital industries, including decentralized technology. It is worth reminding that this spring Yerevan has hosted the Armenian Blockchain forum (, an international event dedicated to the development of the blockchain industry in the country.

For the first time over 600 experts in this field have met on one platform that garnered specialists on blockchain and AI from Armenia, USA, Ireland, China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries.

Minister of Economic Development and Investments of Armenia Suren Karayan has spoken about the event: “…all participants are sharing their expertise and discussing the most pertinent issues that present the utmost importance for the common goal of creating and developing the digital industries, including the decentralized technology industry.”

Considering the strong interest towards the new technologies, the ECOS project is creating the first and largest innovative technology education center in Armenia, open to all regardless of their goals or background. Here students will learn how the modern informational technologies work and how they influence business and society as well as get the opportunity to apply the knowledge in practice, create their own project and get an opinion along with assistance all the while increasing their value on the labor market.

The unexpected demand for this relatively new technology that has only been around for less than ten years is facing a tremendous hurdle — lack of human assets. The number of job openings tripled over 2017 and is projected to grow, making it obvious that education in digital is now in demand more than it has ever been.

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