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Welcome to Ecosexual Planet

The ONLY site for outdoor porn featuring models of all genders having kinky sex in natural settings

Ten years ago, I was a naive Catholic school kid heading off to film school in a big East Coast city, leaving home for the very first time. I’d been spoon-fed sex-negativity, steeped in monogamy, schooled in the gender binary.

I was ready to escape it, ready to make the next Shortbus or Y Tu Mamá También — to explore sexuality through the lens of the camera.

But even in film school, there was a stigma around making porn — it was what you did if you didn’t “make it” in the mainstream film industry.

And so I was always on the defensive, always afraid of having to explain myself to the people around me — the Catholic school kids I’d grown up with, my hetero-normative classmates and romantic partners.

I didn’t have the tools, or the language, to go on the offensive, to express a vision of how porn could make a positive impact on the world.

That’s all different now.

Four Chambers behind-the-scenes video

The indie porn world is in the middle of a game-changing Renaissance. Feminist directors like Shine Louise Houston and Erika Lust are pushing back against sexist and misogynistic tropes in the industry. Erotic auteurs like Vex Ashley use Patreon to crowdfund directly from supporters to produce recurring content like the Four Chambers project.

Indie collectives like Bad Bunnies center the experiences of trans and non-binary performers. And cam and clips sites make it easy for anyone — even solo performers who live far from the mainstream “industry” — to produce their own content and sell videos directly to fans.

As mainstream studios lose revenue to tube sites — most of which host a plethora of pirated content—it’s the indie performers, the DIY producers and directors, who are getting customers to pay for their porn.


So, against the backdrop of this Indie Porn Renaissance, I’m excited to launch Ecosexual Planet, a porn site featuring models of all genders in natural settings — the beach, the woods, the desert, the mountains.

You’ll find kink scenes, naked yoga, outdoor sex, and more. With our Yi 4K Action Cam, we take the porn studio with us, delivering high quality photo and video content from unique locations around the world.

But first — What IS ecosexuality?

As advocated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, it’s a hybrid of the sex-positive and environmentalist movements.

Some ecosexuals find nature sexy: the feel of the sun on our backs, moss beneath our feet, or water on our skin. I still remember the first time I had sex outdoors, deep in the snowy hillside of a Pennsylvania forest.

For other ecosexuals, it’s about applying the principles of queer theory and eco-feminism to the natural world. It’s about treating nature the way we would a romantic partner — valuing consent and inter-dependency, and working to end abuse and exploitation of the planet.

Most of all, it’s about acknowledging that human sexuality is healthy and natural — and that what happens in the bedroom doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. Some things, in fact, may be better outdoors.

Whatever your orientation, put away your expectations — and your compass — and join us on a journey into pansexual paradise.


Please check out Ecosexual Planet, follow us on Twitter, and consider donating to our Patreon page! If you’re interested in becoming a model, we’re currently scheduling trade shoots in the Portland area, with some pay available for photo and video contributions by non-local models.

Want to launch an indie porn site of your own? How-to books like The DIY Porn Handbook by Madison Young and Coming Out Like A Porn Star by Jiz Lee will help you get started, regardless of your experience level.