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First published by www.polisplan.com.au on 04 October 2018

There were over 400 packed into the civic pavilion at Chatswood. Richard Di Natale — the leader of the Australian Greens — is hosting events around the country to share the vision of the Greens and to discuss the opportunities and challenges in achieving it. We are excited to be here. Joining him yesterday was NSW Greens Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi. Mehreen is the…




A collection of stories, reflections and learnings from ecovillages & other alternative lifestyle models around the world. These attempts at re-localisation point to an emerging revolution in the way humans live on the land. More at beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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Nilmini De Silva

Nilmini De Silva

Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living. http://narratives4change.com.au http://beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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