A Summer of Co-Living in Sydney

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” — Winston Churchill

We spent the summer of 2018–19 in Sydney’s first co-living development in Stanmore. While Co-living is a relatively new concept Down Under, it has been embraced around the world for some time, from London and New York to Beijing and Bangalore. It is a type of housing development where there is a mix of private and shared spaces. The…




A collection of stories, reflections and learnings from ecovillages & other alternative lifestyle models around the world. These attempts at re-localisation point to an emerging revolution in the way humans live on the land. More at beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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Nilmini De Silva

Nilmini De Silva

Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living. http://narratives4change.com.au http://beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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