Listening to Country: Feeling the Land

As the morning sun breaks through the low cloud
I feel the spirits of the ancestors speaking in the distant calls of the black cockatoos
The chirping of unrecognisable bird calls and tiny insects herald the start of a new day
In the distance black swans, totem of the Yuin people
Glide gracefully on the surface of Wallaga Lake
Pied Oystercatchers tip toe on the mudflats feasting on molluscs
Black butterflies sip nectar…




A collection of stories, reflections and learnings from ecovillages & other alternative lifestyle models around the world. These attempts at re-localisation point to an emerging revolution in the way humans live on the land. More at

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Nilmini De Silva

Nilmini De Silva

Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living.

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