Lochiel Park: A South Australian Example

I met Ken and Pam after our presentation to the Greens and they invite us to visit them and spend some quality time at Lochiel Park, a Green Village built by the South Australian State Government as a showcase project. The village of about 100 dwellings, which also includes 25 affordable housing units, is situated in the Cambeltown Council area. The Premier of SA is keen for SA to be a world leader in sustainable…




A collection of stories, reflections and learnings from ecovillages & other alternative lifestyle models around the world. These attempts at re-localisation point to an emerging revolution in the way humans live on the land. More at beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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Nilmini De Silva

Nilmini De Silva

Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living. http://narratives4change.com.au http://beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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