Was it a miracle or was it the will of the people?

In a world with short attention spans and little interest in complex policy, did the KISS principle ultimately win the day?

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/may/20/murdochs-messiah-news-corp-gets-biblical-with-coverage-of-morrisons-resurrection

As the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia took to the stage to make his victory speech I felt instantly alienated by his choice of language and his claim the result…




A collection of stories, reflections and learnings from ecovillages & other alternative lifestyle models around the world. These attempts at re-localisation point to an emerging revolution in the way humans live on the land. More at beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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Nilmini De Silva

Nilmini De Silva

Documentary Photographer & Civil Engineer promoting new paradigms for living. http://narratives4change.com.au http://beautilitydevelopments.com.au

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