3 Key Takeaways From “The Brain That Changes Itself” That Apply to Sales Coaching

In his attempt to help individuals escape “The Matrix”, Tom Bilyeu, founder of Impact Theory, has a reading list of 25 books which he recommends that everyone read to better understand how they can unlock their potential. I have decided to dedicate myself to reading a book per week for the next 25 weeks, and to review each book antidotally with application to coaching. Let’s enjoy the journey together!


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Book # 19: “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge

Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

I started to learn about neuroplasticity approximately six years ago when I realized that I was battling a mind-body disorder called TMS. Since that time, I have become fascinated by the power we have as human beings to develop our minds and rewire our neural connections through intentionality and new experiences. For me, meditation has been the biggest driver in realizing just how plastic my brain is, and the implications are extremely empowering.

For the longest time science told us that after a certain age we were hard-wired to be forever who we had come to be. This book debunks that myth. The Brain That Changes Itself shares countless stories about individuals who have healed themselves even after doctors said they had no shot at improvement. These improvements were not miracles but rather results of the individuals’ on-going learning and new developments that allowed for new neural connections to develop. These new neural connections reinvented the individuals’ brains on their paths to regaining normalcy.

The most inspiring part about reading this book, aside from the riveting individual success stories, was learning about the doctors who are courageous enough to step outside of mainstream medical views to help their patients. So many of our modern-day maladies can be healed by focusing on mental well-being. This leads us to ponder what economic implications this idea could carry for a society that thrives off of people looking for a short term fix or “pill” to solve their ailments.

3 takeaways from “The Brain That Changes Itself” that apply to Sales Coaching

  1. Lifelong learning — It has been proven in almost every conceivable way that stimulating the brain makes it grow. This means you should try to avoid getting stuck in stagnation or order in your every day life. To become a more effective coach, intentionally push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge your salespeople to do the same. Your growth depends on it. Check out this TEDx talk by to learn more!

2. Leverage visualization — To improve effectiveness, you don’t have to physically carry out an action. The faster you can imagine something in your mind the faster you can do it. Learn how to teach your sales people how to roleplay their sales calls before the actual meeting using visualization and imagery. This will increase their preparation on the front-end and make them look great during the actual face-to-face meeting with the prospective client.

3. You are limitless — Impossible is just a word and nothing more. It took generations for scientists to understand that the brain is plastic and to apply this information in a way that could help improve the human condition. We are just scratching the surface in understanding the power of brain science. The more you push yourself to grow, the better coach you will become and everyone on your sales team will benefit as a result.

In my life I spent the better part of a decade in physical pain. Every doctor that I saw tried to fix a “symptom” because they were focusing on the location of my pain and never the root cause. Thanks to Dr. John Sarno, a mind-body practitioner and medical pioneer, I learned WHY my pain was occurring. My quick recovery thereafter was not magic or luck, it was a result of my participation in many of the practices described in The Brain That Changes Itself. I would highly recommend this book to anyone — understanding its implications are the key to a healthier and happier future!

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