Don’t worry, be crappy: Why you should have a side project that makes no money

Duck Guide by Helen Lindop

Have you ever felt guilty doing something just for fun instead of as a side hustle?

Ever caught yourself plotting how to ‘monetize’ your hobbies instead of just enjoying what you were doing in the moment?

In this talk, Helen Lindop explains why you should have at least one fun side-project that makes you no money and why you don’t even have to be very good at it to have fun.

So go on…don’t worry, be crappy!

Please print this colour-it-in-yourself comic and Helen will explain how to use it during the talk.

If you’d like to share your talent, passion or fun topic, get in touch with Ann Hawkins

Topics people have shared in this fun version of the iconic TED Talks:
Rust, being hilarious, ethical non-monogamy, puppets, the Middle East, YouTubers, synaesthesia, street art, recycling, Japanese loos, Makaton, the hero’s journey, homesteading, hacking, men with beards, neurodivergence, dying well, magic, music, cartooning, writing novels, failing at being a rock star, being a legal alien, unnecessary puntuation and how to use humour in storytelling.




We believe that everybody is much more than their business so we’re sharing their passions and interests in our own version of TED Talks. Volunteers get 18 minutes on a Zoom call with a live audience to talk about their topic.

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