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Summer Enrichment Programs : Experiences that ignite SPARK !!!

With summers vacations approaching soon, the kids would have already planned up fun activities to fill their time through these months. Parents, however, would probably be worried that the kids would either be glued to the television or end up wasting their time.

Why not look for a more balanced solution? Something which would be an innovative approach to occupy these two months with activities which are fun-filled and yet provide an academic boost to your child’s skills; especially in the areas of mathematics, coding, programming and technology. Now, isn’t that something that would be equally welcomed by the kids as well as their parents!

Our ten-days S.T.E.M blended with Arts, based learning camp will prepare your child for life by encouraging out of the box thinking and enhancing a deeper understanding of their curriculum concepts, specifically that of mathematics, coding and programming. They will learn to shed their innate fear for math and view it as something which can be connected to everyday life. Our motto is to understand every child’s individual need and identify their strongest skills in terms of learning, be it visual, auditory or kinesthetic . The idea is to not generalize the program for every attendee but to make it specific and child-centric. We encourage our kids to think and to ask questions, AS MANY AS THEY WANT. We want our kids to stop viewing these subjects only in terms of figures and numbers but also visualize and relate it to situations in our daily life. We aim to promote visualization skills in children before connecting it to the previously taught concepts of a set school curriculum.

And what better than a Summer Camp for STEAM based learning, where your child will participate in fun activities and see how their learned mathematics curriculum is applied to these activities and more importantly in life. The aim will be to prepare the kids for numerical thinking and focus on implementing it to problem-solving within real-world scenarios.

No matter whether you see a hidden talent for Computers and Mathematics in your child, or a lack of the same, STEM is for everyone and can begin as early as the age of 4-5 years. Our program is likewise designed for the age groups of 5 to 13 years.

And not just that, our programs on Brain Games and MakerSpace will tickle your grey cells and enhance your reasoning skills, using innovatively designed games, puzzles, and tinkering activities. Your child will thank you for a fun filled 60-90 MINUTES!

Our Coding camps have been a big hit over these years. At first stage we do not look at any programming language, but more design thinking & algorithms, and block-based Coding. Once children learn that way, they can pick up any language. Technology is moving at fast paced, what’s taught in schools is no more use in industry by the the time they are ready for jobs. Hence teaching languages is not important, how to think is important, and that’s what we are going to do in 10 days.

And you can join in too ! Understanding the important role that educators and parents have in changing the thinking aptitude of children and promoting innovative learning techniques, they are also encouraged to participate in the workshops. We have specially designed curriculum for parents & educators for 3–5 days, 6 hours per day. This can open horizons for thinking differently and making connections, while teaching your child(ren). You’ll definitely be rockstar Educator for your kin.

Our all programs are for many WOW ! moments your child will experience. Details for all programs, being launched in this summer camp are as follows:


Head to school with confidence!

Perfect student who want to get ahead

This program of 10 days reviews core concepts of school-curriculum math. Through our unique problem-solving approach, your child will develop a deeper understanding of school math concepts so they can better apply what they’ve learned at school and in the real world.

They will develop abstract thinking needed to be successful in higher level mathematics.

5–7 years (10 days —75 mins/day)

7–9 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)


Get knee-deep in problem-solving fun!

Perfect for math enthusiasts & out-of-box thinkers

Tackle fun puzzles, solve brain teasers, play math game and learn clever math tricks.

Students will use their powers of deduction to clarify their reasoning, learn new problem-solving strategies as they tackle a variety of brain-teasing puzzles and games. All activities are hands-on, minds-on, engaging and age appropriate.

While they’re busy having fun, students will also be sharpening their creativity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. This will give them an edge in maths, logic, reading… and life!

5–7 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)

7–9 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)


Turn your tech enthusiast into a programmer!

Perfect for kids who love computers

Learn to code animations and games using visual block-based tutorials . This is the perfect camp for a child’s first experience with programming.

Computer programming is a skill that most schools don’t teach.

They can carry on their journey of programming & building games and can access at home even after the camp is over!

5–7 years (10 days — 60 mins/day)

7–9 years (10 days — 60 mins/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 60 mins/day)

This is what we ideate and do in our Computer Teaching, read the blog !

Children need to bring their own Devices, to get configured, and work throughout 10 days. This will help them to take away all their learning back home and even after the camp is over !


Perfect for creative and crafty kids

Here we move from S.T.E.M. to S.T.E.A.M. : STEM blended with ARTS !

Create, tinker, innovates and design projects to take home for further exploration and discovery. Building and tinkering is a great way for students to learn by doing. In this 10 days-long camp, students will tinker with a number of different fun builds.

Projects will include lessons on Maths & Arts.

7–9 years (10 days — 1.5 hour/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 1.5 hour/day)

Crack the Code

Learn the Math Behind Code Making and Code Breaking!

Perfect for math enthusiasts

Learn to send and receive secret messages of all kinds. Explore the history of cryptography back to Roman times up through modern RSA technology that protects our secrets today. Students will learn the mathematics behind code making. Students will discover one of the fascinating ways math is used in the real-world.

This is the perfect camp for any child with a passion for math & computers. This is a new camp offering!

7–9 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 75 mins/day)

Advanced Math Program

Take Your Child’s Gift for Math to the Next Level

Perfect for bright problem solvers

Hone problem solving skills while learning about Algebra, Number theory, Graph theory, Probability, and Geometry. This is a rigorous, intensive camp for students with an strong affinity for math. It’s designed for bright students to broaden their mathematics education.

Students will be exposed to brain building challenges in wonderful areas of mathematics they won’t be introduced to at school. Students must have a passion for math, strong mathematical knowledge, and a desire to be challenged. This is a new camp offering! Register now to avoid missing out.

7–9 years (10 days — 2.5 hour/day)

10–13 years (10 days — 1.5 hour/day)

Here’s what you get at the end of these ten-day programs: A child with enhanced problem solving skills, an increased understanding of the real life applications of math, technology, coding and programming.

No matter how many books you dig into, you cannot turn into a gardener without getting your hands dirty in the soil. That’s the exact theory on which STEM based learning works. It integrates different curriculum based subjects into real life situations and encourages students to think out of the box and take them up as projects.

Parents, come forward. Register right away and do not miss this excellent opportunity to mold your child’s brain to think differently. Choose based on your child’s current interests and set them up on a new journey of exploring the colorful world of coding and applied mathematics that lays hidden behind the black and white pages of the school books!

Ready to join Ed3D’s Summer Camp then go ahead and register yourself here :

Happy Planning SUMMER CAMP !




Ed3D is an education venture that combines existing STEM curriculum with real-life applicability, resulting in multi-dimensional, enjoyable learning. www.ed-3d.com

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