Disneyland Paris Rewind: Villains on their way…

September 14–20

Hello, and welcome to our first edition of the ED92 Disneyland Paris Rewind, where we’ll recap the top stories we covered on Twitter in the week. As this is a new feature, we welcome your feedback. Let’s get started !


The Villains are on their way !

Now that Frozen Summer Fun is officially over, the second half of September is dedicated to Halloween preparations, with the first signs of it showing up in the parks this week.

Billboards were switched on Monday at the park’s entrance…

…while the first signs of the brambles so dear to Maleficent appeared in the Castle Courtyard on Tuesday.

By Thursday, magical fertilizer had been applied and the brambles appeared!

Final touches were still being applied this weekend, but everything will be ready for the start of the season, October 1.

We were also able to confirm the ‘Teams of Villains’ who will be greeting guests from 3pm to 9:45pm this Halloween season at Castle Stage, following a musical performance hosted by Maleficent:

Team 1: Evil Queen, Hook, Jafar, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drizella, Cruella

Team 2: The Witch from Snow White, Queen of Hearts, Hook, Frollo, Facilier, Gaston

However it seems Maleficent will not be part of the Castle Stage meet and greets, since she has her own at the Castle Courtyard.

Princesses in the wild.

A result of the Princess Pavilion being under refurbishment, the Princesses are meeting outside until October 2.

Aurora is meeting by the Wishing Well next to Castle Stage (with the queue wrapping up behind the stage), while Cinderella is waiting for guests by the Plaza Gardens Restaurant.

We stay in the ‘Princesses’ department, with the Frozen Singalong stage at the Chapparal Theater, where the set has been covered in plastic wraps after last weekend’s final performance of the Summer Season. The show will be back in November during the Christmas season.

Christmas merchandise, decorations and news.

Although the season doesn't start until November 7, Christmas items are already filling a lot of the stores shelves.

We saw the arrival of limited edition Christmas Ornaments (1992 units produced).

Over on Main Street, the first Christmas windows were set up. THey will alternate with Halloween / Fall themed windows.

Meanwhile, World of Disney was already entirely decorated for the season.

Disneyland Paris also reveiled a bit more details about the Christmas season, strangely only on its NL site so far. The highlights of events are:

  • Princes will accompany the Princesses on Castle stage for Royal Christmas Wishes (New)
  • Disney’s Christmas Parade
  • Return of the Frozen Singalong Show
  • Merida Meet & Greet in Frontierland
  • Meet Santa (in place of Meet Mickey Mouse)
  • Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights Tree Lighting Show
  • Disney Dreams! of Christmas also returning this year.

And you can see the full NL press release here: https://news.disneylandparis.com/nl/2015/08/26/het-kerstseizoen-start-al-op-7-november/

Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon Press event.

On Thursday, members of the press and famous runners were invited to discover more details about the Run Disney event to take place in September next year. As part of the event, they ran a course through Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. We shared a rendering of the course presented, which could be the same as the actual event:

Frozen Winter Fun…

We also confirmed that the scene added to Disney Dreams! as par of Frozen Summer Fun (or should we say that replaced Brave) will stay in the show until Disney Dreams! of Christmas takes over on November 7.

So long, Molly Brown !

Disneyland Paris decided at the last minute to close Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing and its famous Molly Brown early. Originally planned for a November 2 closure (with Big Thunder Mountain), it was shut this past Wednesday night in order to conduct preliminary works on the river.

Last call for Endor.

With the Disneyland Railroad currently closed for a long refurbishment, scaffolding started appearing on the side of the Star Tours building.

This week the scaffolding continued to grow taller…

…and to cover more of the building, for what appears to be preparations for facade renovations of the train station and the Star Tours building.

Disneyland Paris Milestones.

And finally this week saw two notable Disneyland Paris milestones:

Tom Wolber, President of Euro Disney, celebrated his return to the resort 1 year ago on September 15. Congratulations to him, and thank you for working on making our resort more beautiful every day!

It was also announced that Disneyland Paris had welcomed its 200,000th Cast Member, Theo, who got to meet the very first Cast member of Euro Disney, Tom Wolber, the Ambassdors and of course, The Mouse ! Congratulations to him as well.

That’s a wrap for this week ! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Disneyland Paris Rewind from the ED92 team, have a magical week, everyone ! -B.

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