Disneyland Paris Rewind : Halloween everywhere !

September 20–26

Welcome to the second Edition of our Disneyland Paris Rewind ! This week we test publishing on Saturday in order to optimize your editor’s time, story reporting, and our readers’ availability ! Let’s dig in..


Halloween at Disneyland Paris is almost here !

This week saw the arrival of most of the elements of decoration for the season that starts October 1:

MALEFICENT COURT — Maleficent’s brambles continued to grow and settle in Castle Courtyard with artists working on the final touches on Monday:

But Thursday was the big unveiling, with a slightly modified version of last year’s, showing the dragon shape even better:

MAIN STREET — got decked out in orange all week long…

..and saw the arrival of dozens of amazing pumpkins (only a small selection below!)…

…as well as the ghosts of the residents of Main Street:

CENTRAL PLAZA saw the return of the Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy large pumpkin displays between Thursday and Friday:

Over at the CASTLE STAGE, new decorations were installed between Wednesday and Friday, including new brambles units that will be used to ‘anchor’ the Villains meet and greets, as well as great colorful pumpkins on the stage, additional brambles elements and Villains themed structure covers:

Let’s not forget FRONTIERLAND of course, with the return of the Pumpkin Men and merchandise carts:

…as well as more great decorations like these:

Finally, Friday, Disneyland Paris held a presentation event where costumes, merchandising and details of the entertainment were discussed:

Mickey’s new Halloween Costume was also presented, but I thought I’d show it to you ‘in action’ at a photo shoot on Saturday:

Here is the Entertainment Schedule for the Halloween season, there’s a lot of great things planned !

A very big THANK YOU to the Disneyland Paris teams for hosting such a great event and sharing their vision and passion with the fans.

Christmas Season Preview

Friday was also the occasion to reveal a bit more about the Christmas season. Mickey and Minnie’s costume for the Tree Lighting Ceremony were unveiled, as well as a few details about the entertainment and a showcase of merchandise coming to the parks, like this light-up necklace which was very popular at the US Park last season:

Digital Manor

Last Sunday night we were happy to discover that the projection systems for the morphing portraits gallery had been upgraded to digital, for a smoother and crisper effect. It’s always nice to see some attention going to the Manor. here are a few pictures..

Plaza Gardens

Famous for its big buffet, Plaza Gardens Restaurant closed unexpectedly on Monday for a (needed) renovation of its interior. We were able to snap a picture of the empty inside, before the famous walls were installed:

Buzz for Buzz

An unexpected hit for us earlier this week, this picture over at Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast raised again the question of maintenance of the Animatronics (and/or Buzz’ drinking habits):

Dapper Day at Disneyland Paris

Saturday was held the Disneyland Paris Edition of ‘Dapper Day’ where guests are invited to dress in “sophisticated fashions from vintage classics to contemporary chic!” in the park. You can find more information about this event and future editions at: http://dapperday.com/fall-2015-disneyland-paris

What an eventful week ! That will do it for now, see you next week for a new edition covering the Halloween Season launch !

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Have a great week !