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“the world becomes smaller, if we all share our knowledge” — Joana Casaca Lemos

At EDACY, we believe in creating a world-class learning community where experts from different places and backgrounds come together and share their knowledge to grow the new generation of innovators. We want to be the place where anyone can come to learn, create, be empowered and have a positive impact in the world. For our current cohort in Software Leadership active in Senegal now, we are still searching for more mentors that like to grow and share their skills with our talents in:

1) Life Skills: Communication skills, Leadership, Collaboration, Team work, Presentation, Selling, Personal Finances Management.

2) Technical Skills: Java, AngularJS, React, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Android, (Front-end, Backend), Programming, UX design, UI Design, Web and Mobile Development.

We want to build a scalable model of knowledge sharing that allows people from all of the world to share their knowledge with anyone online. This will require 3–5 hours per week during 6-months (May — Oct. 2017). Nevertheless, there will be physical mentoring as well that would require min. 2 hours to max 4. hours a week during the weekends (May — Oct. 2017).

I want to be a mentor because I truly believe that Africa has a big potential. People in Africa know the culture and context the best so if we only enable design thinking, they will be able to create solutions that will be relevant to their environment and improve their own quality of life. I want to help people by offering them what I know best. I have really enjoyed working with students during the bootcamp and would like to continue the cooperation.” — Monika Zych, Nordkapp

Join us if you also want to contribute to build the next future generation of African innovators. Apply here.

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