Training the new generation of creative engineers in Africa

Each year, about 1 million African graduates enter the job market without the prospect of viable employment. Yet, millions of IT and engineering jobs remain unfilled. At EDACY, we are bridging the job-skills gap created by an insufficient education system, and as a result creating an alternative to college for tech and engineering skills in Africa.

Our Mission
We, therefore, believe that African youths should have the opportunity to realise their full potential at home. We want to give them the power to develop their skills without barriers and be the place where they come to learn and grow.

Our Vision
We see a world where the status-quo of education is changed and our graduates are true game-changers transforming their own lives and positively impacting millions of people, making EDACY the first choice in transformative training that helps young people thrive.

Visit our website for more information about our current cohort Software Leadership in Senegal: and see how you as a student or enterprise can be part of this digital transformation.

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