No one ever forgets a great teacher.

O Mentor! My Mentor!

Our fearful trip is only just begun;
This ship is ready at the front of the pack, the prize I seek is not yet won.

Every single one of our students is brimming with ambition, exuberance and the belief that they can conquer the world.

That energy needs to be contained, channelled and used to drive the engine of a successful career.

Many of our students come from non-tradtional backgrounds. At EdAid we thrive on supporting students who are the first in their family to go to University, that are immigrants or the children of immigrants, that have shown true grit to get to University and grind out every inch of opportunity they create.

They are costantly reaching out to us to connect them with professional contacts across every industry sector, field and discipline. They are desperate to learn from, absorb and leverage the experience of a mentor.

We have tapped up our network over the last few years, but have been a victim of our own success. We now have too many students, and not enough mentors and as such will be looking to drastically increase the number of Mentors on the platform and launch our formal mentoring program over the coming weeks.

We have been overwhelmed by the vast number of you who have already put up your hand and mentored our students, and we now need to up the ante. We have 5000 students EdAid and are adding 500 every month. As such we must boost our pool of Mentors.

We’re not sure HBO’s Silicon Valley is the best blueprint though…

Being a mentor to one of our students requires less than 2 hours of your time each month and will have an incredible, direct impact on their future.

If you would be interested in joining our mentoring program please email and we will send you some further details.

Thank you.

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