One easy way to calm your nerves before you speak: Deep Breathing

Public speaking, for many, turns on their body’s fight or flight reflex. You feel that sense of adrenaline, your muscles tighten up, and both your breathing and heart rate increase.

An easy way to combat this feeling is through going through a set of deep breathing exercises right before you speak.

There are plenty of exercises on the internet that make this process difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here is a simple process to help you out:

  1. Breathe in for a 3-second count
  2. Hold your breath for 3 seconds
  3. Now exhale for a 3-second count
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 above, adding one second to each one.

Keep the process going until you feel relaxed.

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Photo credit: Amanda Patsopoulou on flickr

Originally published at on November 4, 2015.