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Hustle and Flow

Sitting At The Feet Of Sages.

This guy is known as Brother E. In his 80s, he’s seen a lifetime of ups and downs, wins and losses, wounds and healing. And after it all, in his words, “I’ve learned more in the past 10 years about myself, and about love, than in the previous 50 years. And I’ve gotten to share things with my wife of 65 years that I’ve never shared before.”

A number of friends and I had a chance last week to go to a mountaintop (literally), unplug from the world for 48 hours (!), and sit and learn from one guy in his 50s, one in his 60s, one in his 70s, and Brother E in his 80s. No input needed or wanted from a cohort of highly talented CEOs and leaders, just a chance to listen and ask questions of those sages. It was the chance of a lifetime. Or four.

Three broad takeaways:

  1. As futurists and vision casters, take the opportunity to step back and learn from history, especially from guys/gals who are honest about their pasts.
  2. 2. Honor those people by coming with a posture of “I’ve nothing to give, and all to gain”. It will be a gift for both them and you. I promise.
  3. 3. Be a lifetime learner, from others and in your own self-awareness.

Thank you, Brother E.



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Eddy Badrina

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