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What I Wish I Knew Before Being A CEO

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became a CEO

My boy Nick Kennedy has a great list of “classes” every entrepreneur needs to ace. For me, it’s a list of “What I Wish I Knew”, even if they were just primers/101s. What would you add?



Title Inflation

How to Journal

How to Fight Fair

How to Hire and Fire

Mindset Management

How to Manage Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness

Company Values, Vision, and Purpose

Personal Identity, Purpose, and Calling

Start With Why*

Leaders Eat Last*

How to Influence People*

Victim, Villain, Hero, Guide*

Traction* — added by me

Entreprenumbers* — added by Ryan Wall

*Books you can read



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Eddy Badrina

Eddy Badrina


CEO of @EdenGreen. Co-founder of @Buzzshift (acquired 2x). Twitter & Instagram: @eddybadrina. Deut. 8:17–18