General Election 2017: An Edelman Briefing

The results of the 2017 General Election are in — and “what a dog’s dinner”, as a Conservative advisor told us in what was one of the more printable reactions to last night.

The finger-pointing and acrimony in the Conservative Party has begun as everyone comes to terms with Britain’s new hung Parliament. The Prime Minister faces a massive task which will define her immediate future, her legacy and the direction of the country in the years ahead. The Tories have a ruthless streak when it comes to leaders — Theresa May is on notice — but equally the party will be keen to avoid talk of leadership challenges, new elections and yet more uncertainty.

The Edelman Public Affairs team has put together expert analysis on the result, the implications for Brexit and what it means for the Government’s programme, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Please see our briefing for our take on the most unexpected election result in living memory.

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