The Room is the Benchmark for Bad Sexting

The 2003 film The Room starring, produced by, and directed by Tommy Wiseau, is often referred to as the worst movie ever made; however, it’s gained a large following because of that very fact. Its…interesting…handling of human relationships is both awe-striking and inspiring.

While sexting was more commonly referred to as cybering in 2003, the dialog of the movie reads as a series of blubbering messages sent while driving a forklift. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re bad at sexting, I think The Room is a great rubric to compare yourself to. So long as you’re better than this, you’re fine.

Spoiler Warning: If, for some reason, you have not enjoyed this masterpiece, you should probably watch it before reading what’s below.

Set the Scene

Yes, sexting is a great outlet for casual creative writing, but dear god, get to the point.

Don’t Get Distracted by Details

Please, don’t make me feel like I need to get up and pee right now.

Try not to Repeat Yourself

There’s something to be said for paying attention to what your partner likes, and casually mentioning it when you’re sexting them. But please, don’t copy and paste.

Make Sure Both Parties Know What’s Going On

If you haven’t sexted with someone before, make sure they know you’re interested, get consent, and be upfront about it.

Don’t Pressure Your Partner

Yes, your partner might “cave” if you keep berating them. No, that doesn’t make pressuring someone to sext with you okay (that goes for any sexual act for that matter).

Keep it Out Of The Group Chat

This is just rude.

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