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[Partnership] Dorothy and 2Key Network

ord of mouth is possibly one of the most powerful marketing and campaigning tools one can employ. Now imagine creating a “word of mouth” network using a blockchain’s transparent, global, and decentralized system. That can bring a revolutionary change to industries powered by referrals. Today at Dorothy’s partnership corner, we introduce you 2key Network, a company that strives to bring that revolutionary change to the current market.

2Key Network

A screen-captured image from https://www.2key.network/

At 2key Network, they aim to unleash the potential of human networks to give small players who do great things in their corners to build on their reputation to grow and become successful. Using the decentralized referral network that incentivizes users, these smaller players can reach a greater audience with a fraction of cost that they would normally have to pay in traditional marketing platforms.

A screen-captured image from https://ropsten.app.2key.network/

How does it work?

Link Creators (Contractors): Generate and deploy smart contracts specific to their needs. Publish links for these contracts. Other users on the 2key platform will share these links, and you get the advantage of utilizing all their personal networks without having to pay a big-name intermediary. On 2Key Network, Creators can monitor and analyze the way the links are spreading. The analytics provide valuable information to understand your audience and to increase your market share.

Referrers: When a user sees a link with a project that his/her friends may find interesting, then the user forwards the link to those friends and get rewarded in 2KEYS. Users who refer links to their personal connections are collectively called the Referrers.

Users(Converters): Upon receiving a 2key link with a unique offer, the user can buy the offer he/she likes directly from the creator through the link. As a result, this creates a direct P2P transaction. The platform benefits the end user(converter) by providing offers that the user can obtain at a lower price (as there is no intermediary involved in this P2P transaction); a deal that he or she had no knowledge of otherwise.

The platform maintains a work standard by enforcing network-wide reputation rules. The network analyzes users’ behavior and gives them reputation scores, which are a barometer for Social Capital. You get the reputation rewards when you create new campaigns and incentivize participation, productive sharing of those campaigns, or referring links that are relevant, useful and reliable. You get rewarded in 2KEY token, which is an ERC-20 token.

The key difference you will find in 2Key is that it utilizes personalized outreach, not algorithms. As such, your campaign will be spread with the understanding of social dynamics that can only be fully comprehended by people. By incorporating this social knowledge, both creators and converters are able to find better matches and values over time.

At Dorothy, we applaud 2Key for beautifully integrating the best of both worlds, social understanding and technological efficiency, to create a new tool that empowers small players with great ideas. We support 2Key vision of, “do good! then, pay it forward”, and we would love to see the world where more technologies are developed to bring out the goodness in humanity.

If you are interested in the Dorothy Partnership Program, please contact us via any of the channels listed below.

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