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Eden Network Removes Minimum Staking Requirement from RPC

Eden Network is proud to announce the removal of the 100 EDEN staking requirement for integration with the Eden RPC.

Ethereum users now have access to the Eden RPC completely for free, with zero minimum staking requirement!

Integrating with the Eden RPC instantly upgrades a user’s trading experience by providing frontrun protection and transaction privacy when using DEXs on Ethereum (e.g., Uniswap, Bancor or Sushi).

These features result in protection from malicious MEV bots that exploit unsuspecting traders in the “dark forest” of Ethereum.

Eden Network believes removal of the staking requirement is a step in the right direction — breaking down barriers for DeFi users to gain access to MEV protection and private transactions.

The change is part of a larger geth client upgrade to v1.10.11–1.1.2, which also imparts stability and security enhancements to the client.

Want to get even more tokens for your trade?

By integrating the RPC and staking 100 or more EDEN tokens, users also receive transaction priority ahead of public transactions on all Eden blocks. The more EDEN staked, the higher the ordering priority.

Click here for a full article on the benefits of transaction priority.

Existing RPC users who leave their 100 EDEN balance staked will continue to receive transaction priority as before, and will also qualify for the additional incoming SEV benefits explained below.

Currently, Eden’s participating hashrate is hovering around 43%, so just under 1 in 2 blocks are Eden compliant.

Head over to edennetwork.io/trade to get set up.

What other benefits do stakers get outside of priority?

As outlined in the roadmap post, we will soon introduce SEV, where stakers will be able to earn APY through the single-sided staking of EDEN tokens. Revenue generated through arbitrage from staker trading activity will also be returned to stakers.

The granular details of SEV are still being ironed out, but we have made meaningful progress on how the core of the program will function.

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