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3 min readNov 17, 2021


On Monday, the Eden Network team had the pleasure of announcing that the “Staker Extractable Value” (SEV) program is now live and generating rewards.

This means users on Ethereum can trade anywhere on Ethereum with better trading results (as their trades cannot be seen and exploited) and now they get paid to do it.

The only two things users need to do is:

  1. Stake EDEN (staking 1,000 EDEN is the best bang for your buck): https://app.edennetwork.io/staking
  2. Add Eden RPC to MetaMask. Instructions here: https://edennetwork.io/trade/

Thats it — it takes just two minutes for users to get better trade execution from private transactions and they are now paid for their usage.

The message for all Ethereum users is simple: Trade anywhere — get paid to do it with Eden RPC.

WTF how is this sustainable?

SEV is a rewards program for traders that stake the EDEN token. It is broken down into three reward layers:

  • Redistribution of current token emissions to EDEN stakers (3% of existing emissions now go to stakers)
  • TEV (trader extractable value), where profits captured from trader-generated arbitrage are shared with the trader
  • Offer Stakers enhanced rewards based on stake

In short it is value redistribution and value creation.

The first layer is live. See the full announcement for details.

How do you start getting paid to trade on Ethereum with priority and protection on top?

Simple — to participate in the program, you must simply stake 100 or more EDEN tokens at app.edennetwork.io/staking

This alone qualifies you for the SEV rewards program.

How do I maximize my rewards?

Rewards are sent to stakers based on two factors:

  1. The amount of EDEN tokens staked
  2. The amount of transactions sent through the Eden RPC

Key takeaways from the mathematical calculation on rewards:

  1. The optimal amount of tokens to stake is 1,000 EDEN. Any more than that and the marginal benefit to staking more decreases rapidly. This is to prevent whales from accumulating an unfair share of all of the rewards.
  2. The more transactions you send through the RPC, the more SEV rewards you will accrue. Those with the highest transaction volume will receive a 4x multiplier, and those with the lowest amount will receive a 1x multiplier. Everyone else is somewhere in between.

NB: These numbers and multipliers are tuneable by governance and may change in the future.

Do early stakers get any special rewards?

Yup! Stakers from October 21 onwards will receive retroactive SEV rewards using the calculations above.

Where do I claim my rewards and get paid?

On Monday, November 22, you can claim rewards from the Eden Network web app. It will likely be accessible from the staking page.

In practice, what should I do to get the most rewards and benefits?

  1. Integrate with the Eden RPC — This gives you MEV protection and transaction privacy on all your Ethereum trades (goodbye sandwich attacks!)
  2. Stake 1,000 EDEN — This gives you the best bang-for-buck SEV rewards multiplier. Staking EDEN also gives you transaction priority over the public waiting pool, which reduces slippage and nets more tokens for your DEX trades.
  3. Trade more actively — The more you transact compared to other stakers, the higher on the 1–4x multiplier you will land. In other words, the more you trade, the more rewards you will earn.

What is the one-sentence take-away?

Eden Network RPC — priority, protection and get paid for trading ANYWHERE on Ethereum!

This program is ongoing with no end date.

That’s it!

This is a top level takeaway for traders. Make sure you see the full announcement on SEV for all the details.



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