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Hint: It’s not something you need to hear.

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It’s something you need to remember.

And only you can do that. How? All good answers start with: First, take the time to meditate.

While in meditation, reach way deep down inside yourself and grab that stubborn, obnoxious truth you know has been waiting there like a thorn in you all along……




Eden is a psychic medium who lived through bad things for 36 years — extreme religion, traumatic upbringing, abusive relationships, kidnapping, and cancer. Then one day she finally learned to harness her gifts and found the answers she so badly needed. Now she pays it forward!

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Evergreen Eden

Evergreen Eden

Forging a handicap-accessible path to sustainable peace. Sharing my trail map. Ridding the world of bullshit, one essay at a time! #evergreenpeace

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