Needs, Wants & Desires

One of my favorite ways to card sorting techniques

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This is one of my personal favorites when starting a new project. Each member on the team, while after the same goal, have different ideas on how to achieve it’s end goal and more often have conflicts on what is most important.

An effective tool when trying to sort out priorities and seems most effective when there are a ton of features and new ideas being thrown in the pile. In general, this exercise will allow for clarity in organizing whats most important.

A Little Context
At first it might be difficult to differentiate between the three different terms as they all seem interchangeable in many ways. I have found it important to start by clearly defining each term:

Are just creative ideas that gives us joy, defines our life and fills happiness into it.

Demand attention, priorities and generally are materialistic in nature.

Are independent of wants and desires. They are the “Must-Haves”, important to the project above all else.