The DAO’s Edge Cases Multisig (Post Hard Fork)

The former “Curator Multisig” has been named “trustee” in the Hard Fork’s Withdraw Contract. As the duties of this multisig have changed since the creation of The DAO, some of the former Curators left the multisig and three new signatories were added on July 20, 2016. The members of this multisig are now tasked with sending ether to the edge cases that were not taken into account directly by the aforementioned withdraw contract, as stated in the Hard Fork Specification


The signatories of The DAO Edge Cases Multisig (Post Hard Fork) have volunteered to help resolve which addresses The DAO’s unallocated ether should be sent to. The addresses that will receive ether from this multisig are defined as:

  1. Addresses that sent ether to the extraBalance, i.e. addresses that created DAO tokens in the last 2 weeks of The DAO’s Creation phase.
  2. All address that burned DAO tokens when creating childDAOs.
  3. Other potential edge cases that we are notified about before January 1st, 2017.

The official way to notify us if you are an edge case in point 3 is to join The DAO’s Slack and Direct Message @griff.


Timon Rapp — Representing Kraken — 0xf9ffba430e290c7fa4be61e3a2f905f6c99dd616

Gian Bochsler — Representing — 0x82aEB1D8939f514318449fa8Ec704A94DC16E01D

Vitalik Buterin — Founder Ethereum — 0x1db3439a222c519ab44bb1144fc28167b4fa6ee6

Vlad Zamfir — Ethereum — 0x127ac03acfad15f7a49dd037e52d5507260e1425

Griff Green — Community Manager, — 0x839395e20bbb182fa440d08f850e6c7a8f6f0780


While the vast majority of the ether will likely be sent directly to smart contracts that will not allow this multisig the ability to reclaim the ether, there maybe a small amount of ether left over unallocated to any smart contract. After January 31st, 2017 the unclaimed ether will be sent to a not-for-profit entity to support smart contract security, or will be burned if no such fund exists.



The addresses that burned DAO tokens to create childDAO tokens will be dealt with in 3 batches:

  • Pre-Attack ChildDAO Token Holder Addresses with No Irregularities

Many addresses burned DAO tokens and received an equal number of childDAO tokens in return. These childDAO tokens will be able to be redeemed for ether as was similarly done for DAO tokens in the Hard Fork’s Withdraw Contract. The childDAO withdraw contract was written mostly by Paul Szczesny with a lot of help from Alexey Akhunov, and has been verified by several community members. It still needs a few more people to look over it before sending ether to it for live testing.

Please feel free to look over the childDAO withdraw contract and add issues on github if you have any concerns. If you would like to help with some simple blockchain analyses to confirm the list of childDAOs contains no irregularities, please contact @griff on The DAO’s Slack.

  • ChildDAO Token Holder Addresses that are Requested to be Reviewed Early

There are many technical complications surrounding the other addresses that burned DAO tokens (the ones that are not included in the childDAO withdraw contract), so their verifications will require extensive manual review. This manual review is currently underway in the #child_dao_community channel, and is being done first for the addresses that are advocated for by community members. These addresses will receive direct sends in batches as the validity of the send amounts are double and triple checked by scripts, community members, and Curators.

  • ChildDAO Token Holder Addresses that are Not Requested to be Reviewed Early

The rest of the addresses that burned DAO tokens will also be manually reviewed and will receive direct sends in batches as the validity of the send amounts are double and triple checked, but only after all of the addresses that are requested to be reviewed early are addressed.


Nick Johnson has developed a script that generates the list of addresses along with the specific amounts of ether that each address sent to The DAO’s extraBalance account. This list is still being independently verified by community members such as Patrick Southcott, Beltran Berrocala and others. Anyone wishing to independently verify the list, or the code that generates it, can find it here.

Once the list of addresses and amounts has been verified, the Curators will use a special multisend contract that Nick Johnson wrote — also included in the repository linked above — to make a small test send to all of the addresses in the list. We will wait to hear feedback from people to confirm that the contract acted as expected and then will send the rest of the ether using the same method. Any failed sends are refunded to the trustee address to be handled manually.


This is completely a volunteer effort, if you want to help, please contact @griff on The DAO’s Slack and he can help you connect with the various groups that are working on these tasks.