Coding News Summary — Goby, Go, .NET, Bootstrap 4, Android 8, and HTTP/2

Samer Buna
Sep 4, 2017 · 3 min read
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A new programming language named Goby has been getting some attention lately. It is a Ruby-inspired object-oriented interpreted language that is written in Go. If you like Ruby, check out Goby at

Go 1.9

Speaking of Go, its 1.9 release is out with many additions and improvements to the language. Go 1.9 features type aliases, a new math/bits package, additions to the sync, time, and testing packages, concurrent compiling of functions in packages, and many other runtime and performance improvements.

.NET Core 2.0

Microsoft .NET core 2.0 was released a few weeks ago along with ASP.NET Core 2.0 and the Entity Framework Core 2.0 — .NET Core 2.0 includes major Runtime and SDK improvements that make .NET easier to use. Six new platforms are now supported including SUSE Linux and MacOS High Sierra.

Bootstrap 4 Beta

The long-awaited two-years-in-the-making Bootstrap 4 is now in beta. Bootstrap 4, which is now built with Sass, takes advantage of modern CSS features like Flexbox, Grid, responsive typography, and much more. However, this means that they had to drop support for older browsers like IE8, IE9, and Safari 8. If you still need to support these old browsers, do not upgrade.

Node and HTTP2

The Nodejs 8.4 release includes many notable changes, but what the community is excited about is the inclusion of a flag to enable experimental support for a built-in http2 module. The primary goals for HTTP/2 are to reduce latency using response multiplexing, minimize protocol overhead, and add support for request prioritization and server push stream.

Prettier 1.6

The popular source code formatter, Prettier, is getting better with every release. The 1.6 release introduces support for a dot configuration file, an ignore file, and many other improvements specially for the JSX syntax.

Android 8.0 Oreo

The Android 8.0 update named Oreo promises to double your phone performance and improve its battery life. This update comes with many new good-looking features like auto-fill, picture-in-picture, limits on background activities, notification dots, instantly available apps, and more.

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