Coding News Summary — MDB, Node LTS, Firebug, Android Studio, Graphcool, Google Planets, and Bakesale

Samer Buna
Nov 3, 2017 · 3 min read

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MongoDB had a successful IPO and began trading on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol “MDB”. The starting share value jumped more than 30 percent on its first day. MongoDB is one of the most popular choices for software developers when it comes to working with databases.

Node 8 is LTS

Node 8 is now the LTS version starting with Node 8.9 and the current branch is now Node 9.0. If you have an application that has been running on the previous Node LTS 6, now is the time to start planning for an upgrade.

Goodbye Firebug

Starting with Firefox version 57, Firebug, the very popular web development tool, will reach its end-of-life. Firebug was the first tool to offer the amazing debugging capabilities that we all still use to this day. Everything Firebug offers is now available in the official Firefox Developer tools.

Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio version 3.0 was released with many features and improvements as well as some breaking changes to the Gradle DSL. Kotlin is now supported out-of-the-box and the build process should be much faster. Many nice features were added to the editor. I love the new profiler, which can be used to inspect CPU, memory, and network resources, and it includes a timeline for events.

The Graphcool Framework

For the GraphQL fans out there, Graphcool open-sourced their new framework, which helps in building and deploying production-ready GraphQL backends. Most notably, it helps in implementing permissions and real-time subscriptions. If you want to use GraphQL but you’re not sure which language best fits your need, this new Graphcool framework might have some answers for you.

Planets on Google Maps

If you zoom out far enough on Google Maps today, you’ll get into space where you can explore many planets and moons from Mercury all the way to Pluto. The details on these images are very impressive.


One of our side-projects at is now MVP-complete. We named it Bakesale and it’s open-source. Bakesale is a purpose-driven marketplace that enables you to donate your talent to support your favorite causes and charities. Check it out at

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jsComplete EdgeCoders

We write about the new and leading edge technologies with a focus on JavaScript

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