Coding News Summary — React 16, major language releases, Chrome 61, and Yarn

Trey Huffine
Oct 2, 2017 · 3 min read

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React 16

The biggest news this week is the release of React 16, a release that has been in the making for a long time. But what made this release big is not the new features it has, but rather the shiny new MIT license that the project was relicensed to. Along with a few other projects, including Flow and GraphQL, Facebook finally gave up their BSD+Patent license because of what seems to be some community pressure. No matter how it happened though, these Facebook open source projects are better-loved today under the MIT license.

Major Language Releases

We recently saw a wave of major version releases including Java 9, C++ 17, Swift 4, CoffeeScript 2, and Postgres 10. In addition, Nodejs had 2 releases this month (8.5.0 and 8.6.0) with the highlight of adding experimental support for ES modules.

Chrome 61

Chrome 61 added support for ES modules as well. This means the browser now natively allows a developer to the use the import keyword that previously needed to be transpiled with build tools. In addition, Chrome 61 allows you to use navigator.share to trigger the native Android share dialog, and offers a new USB API to access storage devices.

Yarn 1.0

Yarn reached its 1.0 release. The package manager has made a huge impact on the JavaScript community, and 175,000 projects on GitHub now contain a yarn.lock file. Yarn is responsible for nearly 3 billion package downloads per month and is used in all of Facebook’s major applications. The 1.0 release includes Yarn workspaces, auto-merging of lock files, and selective version resolutions.

Sublime Text 3.0

The competition for text editors has heated up with many new open source ones entering the market. Sublime, the long time front runner, has now released version 3 in hopes to regain some of its market share. The company boasts that almost every aspect of the text editor has improved in some way, with a focus on performance.

Vagrant 2

Vagrant, the tool for building and distributing development environments, has released version 2. Vagrant 2 supports provisioning development environments on VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, Docker, AWS, GCP, and more. Vagrant has come a long way since version 1 which only supported VirtualBox.


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