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Donate your TALENT to support your favorite charities


For most of my life, I lived paycheck-to-paycheck and did not have the option to donate money to support the greater causes that I care about. I wished however that I can donate my time and talent to generate money for these causes. I’d like to believe that I have some talent that is valuable to someone out there! But how do I find them and how do I connect with charities and make sure the money I made possible through my talent goes to them?

There is now an App for that. Using the new Bakesale platform, anyone can offer their time and talent and be sure the money goes to the causes they care about.

Why Bakesale?

Donating money is hard for most of us. The majority of the working population either don’t have enough money to pay their own expenses or barely break even. Even those who make a little extra money need to save and invest it to secure the uncertain future and leave something for their children. The money available for donation is simply rare. However, talent is ubiquitous!

Everyone has a talent and most people would love to contribute to a greater cause. While some may use their talents every day for work, most don’t. Now there is an outlet for people to both express themselves and give back to good causes by generating money through their talents. Bakesale is the platform that will help connect all the non-monetized talent out there with those who can benefit from it and, by doing so, generate money that can be given directly to charities.

How does it work?

Creators (those looking to donate their talent) can use Bakesale to offer their products and services (we call them deals) and connect these deals to support a charity of their choice.

As a creator, you pick the charity that you want to support and decide what you want to offer. You could bake brownies, offer an hour of consulting, or offer to build a website. There are no limits on what can go on the platform. You then specify how much to sell your deal for and how much of the sale price you would like to have go to the selected charity.

As a creator, you can keep up to 50% for your own costs (for product deals). However, we are initially focusing on service deals that dedicate 100% of all sales to charities.

We do not take any fees (other than the processing fee that Stripe takes) and there are no fees to use the platform. We did not create this platform to make money — we just want it to exist! We have plenty of creative ways in mind to make the platform self-sustain while keeping it free of charge and free of ads.

When your deals sell, you will be alerted so that you can fulfill them. We will then send the money directly to the charity (and to your bank account if you are taking a cut). All processing is currently manual because, as you know, you should not automate something until you are comfortable doing it completely manually (wink wink).

We will track how much has been raised and keep both creators and customers updated.

You have a lot to offer. Be a change maker. Offer your time and talent to support your favorite cause. We will help you make it happen!

Bakesale is open-source!

The web Bakesale platform is a full-stack JavaScript application written with Nodejs and Reactjs and it uses a hosted GraphQL service for data, immutable.js, and its own custom state container that is designed for immutable data. The project is a good candidate for a code-read. You will hopefully learn a few things. I will be happy to answer any questions.

We are also working on mobile versions for both iOS and Android using React Native. Expect these to be out soon! They will also be open-source.

We need your help growing the platform. All contributions are welcome. There are plenty of things you can do to make things better. The priority is to get to 100% test coverage and make sure all critical functions are thoroughly tested (we use Jest). We also need to improve the UI design visually and functionally. It needs to handle errors better and implement features needed for scale.

We will be tracking progress and bug fixes with GitHub issues and pull requests under the main jscomplete/bakesale repository.

There is an API!

The BakesaleForGood.com site is our humble Web application that will hopefully start things out. However, we realize that this initiative is bigger than one web application. This is why we started things out with an open API that can list, search, and create deals on the Bakesale backend.

Maybe you want to feature certain deals for a certain charity at your own website, or maybe you want to build a different way to browse the marketplace (say on Alexa). The open Bakesale API will help you with that.

The React Native mobile application that is in the making is also using the Bakesale API. The API is currently usable but we are still improving it. I will write about it once it is ready. If you are interested in early access let me know.

How can you help?

The best thing you can do is to list some sweet deals on the platform. You can also help us market the platform to consumers by sharing it with your social network, relatives, friends, and random strangers!

We actually created some t-shirts to help start the conversations with random strangers and we are giving them away to early creators and consumers.

Want one of these? Offer something on Bakesale ;)

You can also be the consumer! We hope you will find things listed on the platform that are of interest to you. Instead of buying things and having your money go to big corporations, buy on Bakesale and have your money go to charity! Make a meaningful impact with each and every purchase! Also, did I mention that you can pay at Bakesale with freaking Bitcoin?!!

The platform offers a search feature and you can browse deals by cause as well.

Browse the marketplace, share your favorites, contribute to a cause or offer a deal and change the world, today. From Yoga to Yoyo’s in support of Puppies to Prisoners, Bakesale has something tasty for every good citizen of planet Earth.

We would love to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading.

Virality is the strongest marketing channel and you have the power to help us here.

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