Two simple things everyone should know about their Gmail address

Samer Buna
Sep 21, 2017 · 2 min read

I am always surprised how many people do not know these two simple things that you can do with your Gmail address. I use these ALL the time.

Most of the times when I tell someone that my email is just my full name @ they ask me, with or without the dot?

The dot is optional! While your official address may or may not contain a dot, the dot will not affect email delivery.

If your registered email is you will still get emails sent to You can, in fact, insert as many dots as you like to the address and it would still deliver to you. So you can use or ever

The other big plus to your Gmail address in the actual plus character. You can have an infinite amount of Gmail addresses using it. Just add a +something to your address. So John Doe can get emails sent to and

I use this when I subscribe to something I do not trust. I add a plus with something that identifies that service. For example, say you do not trust this Medium platform, you can sign up with +medium, so John would use to sign up for Medium. Later, if you start getting spam emails on that special email, you would know that Medium might have sold your email to spammers and you can easily block it.

You can also use these multiple Gmail addresses that are available to you to create easy filters and organize emails into labels. Instead of matching on content, you can match on the address that an email was sent to, which is easier and more accurate.

Some sites do not allow the use of the + characters in emails allowed to sign up for their services, but you can still use the dot trick there.

My email address is Ask me anything on this alias address and I will reply to every message.

Thanks for reading.

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