Which framework is better: Angular.js, React.js, or Vue.js?

Samer Buna
Dec 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Before I answer, if you‘re reading this article to pick a framework “to learn”, don’t. Read this article instead.

If you want to pick a framework to use (in an actual project), you may proceed :)

“Better” is really subjective. Better for what?

  • Scalability? Code written for all 3 frameworks can be scaled as much as needed if we’re talking about performance. Some frameworks will have smarter optimization every now and then, but eventually all frameworks will follow any good smart optimization that gets battle-tested out there.
  • Syntax and readability? You (person or team) be the judge! Try them all and feel which syntax you prefer. Many frameworks have different “ways” for you to use them so make sure to explore all options.
  • Development Speed? This depends on how much of an expert you are in the tools you have. Some frameworks do offer a slight advantage by baking in more design decisions for you, but if you have enough experience, you’ll hardly notice any difference. In fact, the more experience you have, the less you’d wish design decisions are pre-made for you.
  • Testability? It’s totally on you! Everything is testable when you follow certain coding practices.
  • Interoperability/Debuggability? The smaller the framework, and the smaller its API, the better.
  • Maintainability? The smaller the functions/components the framework enables you to write, the better.
  • Finding support or people to join your team? The more popular the framework, the better. React wins the NPM download popularity (which is probably what matters most). Vue is matching React in the GitHub starship popularity. Angular’s popularity is debatable as you’d have to combine 2 different frameworks, but it’s probably on par with React today.
  • Mobile integration? React is the one that shines here. You have options with the other frameworks too but they’re not (in my opinion) as good as React Native.

If you don’t care about the last point, all 3 options really offer, more or less, the same value. It’s absolutely a matter of preference. Try them all, maybe by building the exact same application, and pick the one that gives you the most joy! That’s not a bad idea for an online course, ha! I am probably biased, but I might consider giving it a try.

Thanks for reading.


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