Surely there are already too many big-vision books about the future, so why write another one?

I must confess that I get frustrated with best-selling books that paint epic visions of the future.

Too often, they seem to sacrifice nuance and thoughtfulness in favor of crowd-pleasing extremes, from how technologies will utterly transform humanity, to how our technological mis-steps will ultimately destroy us all.

And in…

There’s growing awareness that business as usual with tech innovation is heading for a train-wreck — but how do we think differently about tech & the future?

This summer we took my course on socially responsible and ethical innovation (which conveniently uses science fiction movies as a starting point) online.

This is an exciting departure from the in-person course, and one that has led to a number of innovations in how the course is taught. …

Climate change, technology innovation, and the seductive lure of seemingly-predictable behavior

Based on a draft chapter section that didn’t make the final cut for the book Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies.

In 1980, the Cambridge physicist Brian Pippard published a somewhat obscure paper with the title “Demonstration experiments in critical behavior and broken symmetry”. Pippard…

How AI, big data and behavior studies are reopening the fraught “science” of behavior prediction and pre-emptive action.

From chapter four of Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies.

There’s something quite enticing about the idea of predicting how people will behave in a given situation. It’s what lies beneath personality profiling and theories of preferred team roles. …

A personal perspective on what gives Arizona State University’s College of Global Futures its “secret sauce”

Why do we have a College of Global Futures at Arizona State University?There are, of course, multiple reasons for this. And there are, similarly, many different threads to the college’s origin story.

But one of those threads-and one that aligns deeply with my own interests around technology and society-is the…

As we increasingly master the “base code” that underpins the biological, physical and cyber worlds we inhabit, how do we use this power responsibly?

I’m sure that every generation has a point where its members believe they are at a pivotal point in human history. Sadly, generational exceptionalism rarely stands the test of time. Yet despite this, I believe that we truly are approaching a pivot point-not because of global warming, over-population, rampant resource…

To avoid challenges like those presently being faced in Texas, we need to get better at thinking differently about our relationship with the future

As I write, Texas is slowly emerging from being pummeled by a deadly winter storm that left it in a state of mayhem. …

A futurist’s guide to building the future you hope for (review)

“We’ve been sent the wrong book!” — this was my wife a week or so ago, on opening one of the increasingly ubiquitous Amazon packages that seem to litter our doorstep.

The package was a self-help book, and so out of character for me to purchase that my wife immediately…

No matter how compelling our technologies are, they are only as good as the trust people have in the organizations that develop and govern them.

We’re standing at a pivotal point in our collective response to the coronavirus pandemic. The first vaccine against the virus is beginning to be rolled out, with others hot on its heels, and we can begin to imagine a post-COVID future albeit tentatively.

Yet despite the incredible strides being made…

We’ve never had more ability to build a better future, or a greater capacity to blow it!

Whichever way you look at it, 2020 is a year that has strained our relationship with the future like never before. And unless we rethink this relationship, we could be heading for a catastrophic breakup that will ultimately serve no-one.

As I write, we’re caught up in a perfect storm…


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