Welcome Ian C Rogers to Edgecoin!

tl;dr: Ian C. Rogers is the COO & Co-Founder of Ednastics and the Executive Director at Northstar College. He will join Edgecoin in advisory role to help us disrupt education in order to make the world a smart place for everybody. As a Canadian who worked in numerous countries all over the world, Mr. Rogers brings a wealth of experience and knowledge which will benefit Edgecoin to help reach our goal!

We know your time is precious which is why we have provided you with a short summary, but it is worth to continue reading. Ian C Rogers is an enthusiastic young leader in the world of education and he aims to bring it to everybody on this globe. Currently he is the Executive Director at Northstar College, that gives people in Somalia the chance to study English and vocational courses which will benefit them in their daily and professional lives. Partnerships of Northstar College include: Macmillan, National Geographic Learning and Oxford University Press.

Ian C. Rogers also founded Ednastics in 2015 and is currently the COO of this dynamic team, which is a union of professional educators that are offering creative learning solutions to a global audience. By doing this, Ednastics brings education to places like Africa, the Middle East and other countries all around the world.

By joining Edgecoin, Ian C Rogers will help us bringing knowledge of best practices in teaching and learning supported by academic research in education, not only on the blockchain, but to people everywhere that do not have access to schools, universities or even the internet. Educating the uneducated is one of the biggest goals of Edgecoin and Mr. Rogers will help us to achieve this objective! With his knowledge, his experience and his connections in the academic world he is an invaluable advisor.

Bringing education on the blockchain will help people around the globe a since records, grades and degrees cannot be altered in any way. By combining the knowledge of education that Ian C. Rogers brings with Edgecoin’s expertise about blockchain technology, we will transform the academic world and give people a fair chance all around the globe.

Please welcome Ian C. Rogers to Edgecoin!

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