Dev. Update #5: Sneak peek to a new Edgeless Platform

Tomas Draksas

New website for gamblers launched —

The website is used to collect gambling leads and promote Edgeless gambling services.

The previous website, which contains investment related information, can be found on:

“Sneak peek” mock-ups of our new platform and Black Jack

That’s a look and feel how our fully developed platform is going to look like.

Also, here you can find a mobile version:

and some shots of the account panel


Since a platform is going to use EDG tokens as a main token for gambling services, how are you going to make it easier for a player to convert other crypto into EDG?

In the future, we plan to have own converter which will work like a ‘mini’ exchange, but, while it’s not developed yet, 3rd party services will be used:

  2. Ox protocol allowing to convert tokens everywhere and whenever you want to:

Is the launch on schedule for Q3 as it’s written on a white paper?

Yes our licensing questions are moving forward, and every day we are closer and closer to the 0.1 Edgeless launch. In the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing more details on a new launch, and how platform will look like.

Once a precise date is known, we will add a countdown to our website.

So what’s next? :)

Next, we will release some filmed footage of a new Edgeless RNG in action while playing Dice. If you have more questions, feel free to ask it on our Slack group with more than 1200+ people.

p.s. Video footage from the Edgeless conference in South Korea.




White paper:






Tomas Draksas

Written by Co-founder, Professional Gambler and Poker Player

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