Edgeless Lounge Lottery Smart Contract Beta (Tech Savvy Post)

The Edgeless Lounge lottery smart contract (beta version) is deployed on a Ropsten testnet blockchain:


The lottery smart contract is directly connected to a Black Jack smart contract, which we have just updated too. What’s a purpose of a lottery, and how does it function, is described in our previous blog post: here

The new Black Jack smart contract can be found there:


Now you can interact with a smart contract using myetherwallet.com using their Ropsten testnet panel.

Click “Contracts” in their menu: https://www.myetherwallet.com/#contracts

You will see a page “Interact with Contract or Deploy Contract”

In fields:

“Contract Address” add: 0xA53001cDC1257aE0e20C1cbC3D800C67Df95C8C4

“ABI / JSON Interface” extract it and add from:


and click “Access”

Now, you will see a window which allows you to call smart contract functions by sending EDG tokens.

Feel free to test it out, and let us know your feedback to this address: support@edgeless.io.

With a full version launch and a smart contract, these functions will be connected to a new front end lottery interface. Players will be able to participate in a lottery with just a click of a button.

What’s next on our Development Road Map?
Dice Smart Contract and new dapps front end interface.


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